Shotsgained Coaching

The Internet is a great tool to get information. The golfing community has significantly benefited from this, but there are some shortcomings as well.

Unfortunately, there are so many quick-fixes and drills out there that it can be mind-boggling. Some exercises may even be making you play worse even if it says that it will miraculously cure your slice or quick-hook.

Finding the root cause of your problems, be it swing flaws or short game weaknesses, strategy (and so on), is the primary key. And probably the hardest to figure out if you are self-coaching yourself.
Since we are new to this, we offer a limited amount of free spots to those who are willing to put in the effort and dedication to transform their game.

Since it’s free, we want to be able to use our experience for content to this site and learn how we could potentially deliver a better product to clients in the future.

If you are interested, contact us and tell us a bit about yourself, what you are currently struggling with and what your golfing goals are.

/Sammy & Matt