Camera-based Launch Monitors (Intro – Part 1)

A Shotsgained introduction to Camera-based Launch Monitors.

In the second post of (Launch Monitors) we talked about the use of Radar-Technology to track the ball/club.

Today we are going to talk about launch monitors that use: camera/photometric technology to track the ball and/or club.

1. How can a Camera-based launch monitor help you?

It provides instant feedback on how to adjust your swing/impact for maximum performance.

2. What are the Pro’s of using one?

Different from the typical launch monitor, they use Cameras, and in some cases infrared technology, to track objects= Can get exact readings from a shorter ball-flight. As a result, they are great for indoor use.

Option to control “closed data” :
Provide the same numbers indoors as outdoors = weather, temperature, altitude do not affect your numbers… unless you want them to.

3. Is there a part of your game where a Camera-based launch monitor can be extra beneficial?

To improve your putting. As a result of using cameras, there are options on the market, specific for use in putting-analysis. A well known model for putting-analysis is: Quintic Ball Roll System  (click the name, for more info on how Quintic, can help you become better at putting)

4. When should a Camera-based launch monitor be used ?

A Camera-based launch monitor, should be used to get readings on ACTUAL performance.
What we mean by that is: “How far do you hit the ball, when the weather does not affect the ball-flight.”

We believe, this is one of the best ways, to know how to adjust your game.

We at Shotsgained are firm believers in using launch monitors to:


Custom fit golf equipment (Golf clubs and balls)-

Knowing how your equipment performs, is the most important factor in buying, or adjusting your equipment.

Assist in a lesson or during a practice session-

Instant feedback, during your lesson or practice session, is the best way to improve your technique. Better technique, is one of the best ways, to improve your performance, out on the course.


There are two main brands of Camera-based launch monitors: Foresight and Skytrak visit their websites to find out more.

To be continued…


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