Radar-based Launch Monitors (Intro – Part 1)

A Shotsgained introduction to radar-based launch monitors.

In the first post ( Launch Monitors ) we shared a little about launch monitor technologies.

Today we are going to talk a little about Radar-based launch monitors.

What is a radar-based launch monitor? In short, it’s a device that uses Doppler Radar technology, to track moving objects (ball and or club).

1 . How can a radar-based launch monitor help you?

It can through real time data, show you what you need to adjust, to hit the ball better, and get a more controlled trajectory.

2 . What are the pro’s of using one?

Because it tracks the swing and ball-flight you can get information on how to improve both. As a result, you can learn how to control trajectories, in different weather situations: rain, wind, altitude…

3. When should a radar-based launch monitor be used?

We at Shotsgained are firm believers in using launch monitors to: 

Custom fit golf equipment (Golf clubs and balls)-

Knowing how your equipment performs, is the most important factor in buying, or adjusting your equipment.

Assist in a lesson or during a practice session-

Instant feedback, during your lesson or practice session, is the best way to improve your technique. Better technique, is one of the best ways, to improve your performance, out on the course.

There are two main brands of radar-based launch monitors: Trackman and Flightscope visit their websites to find out more.

To be continued…

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